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Origami Star & Greeting Card 


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Origami Star & Greeting Card 

Written By: Julie Hudy 


• Rubber stamp (1) Origami Paper (1) 

Stamp pad (1) Cardstock - Card (1) 

Sticky Dots or Glued) Enveloped) 

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Origami Star & Greeting Card 

Step 1 — Origami Star & Greeting Card 

• Here is what the finished product 
looks like. 

Step 2 

• Start with a piece of origami paper. 

• Turn it over with color side down. 

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Origami Star & Greeting Card 

Step 3 

• Make a "+" fold and an "x" fold in the paper. 

• Now you are going to make point folds or airplane folds. (Picture 2) 

• Take note - you are only going to crease down part of the fold. Picture 3 is an unfolded 
view so you can see how far to crease. 

• Continue doing this to all corners. 

Step 4 

• Shown here are 2 pictures of what your paper should look like when finished folding. 

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Origami Star & Greeting Card 

Step 5 

^r ^^ 

^^^^ \ 

• Let's start folding the star. 

• Fold down each side as shown in picture 1 

• Go slowly. Continue folding sides down and center down as shown in picture 2. 

• Make sure your point lines up with the center line. 

• Fold down the point as in picture 3. 

Step 6 

• Repeat the same process on the other side. 

• Fold back point. 

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Origami Star & Greeting Card 

Step 7 

• Fold edge in as shown. Be careful to crease nicely at the edge. You want a nice point in 
the corner. 

• Repeat on both sides. 

Step 8 

• Fold one of the sides over. (Picture 1) 

• Fold down point. (Picture 2) 

• Fold corners down as before. (Picture 3) 

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Origami Star & Greeting Card 

Step 9 

• Do the same to the other side. 

• The two sides you just did need to be glued down. You can either use glue or sticky dots. 

Step 10 

• Make it into a greeting card! 

• Put some sticky dots or glue on the back. Stick it to a card. 

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Origami Star & Greeting Card 

Step 11 

• Use whatever greeting you'd like. 

• Stamp it anywhere on your card. 

• You've done it! 

• You can even make a tiny star! Put it on the front of the envelope. 

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